Tuesday, 11 December 2012

Waving Queen Elizabeth II watch by IDZine

Today I've been on a quick day trip to the UK, so found an appropriate watch from my collection.

The watch features the picture of the UK monarch Queen Elizabeth II with Buckingham Palace in the background, and the royal crown at the 12 o'clock position. Her Majesty's right hand is coupled to the mechanism and so waves back and forth (about 2 full waves per second).

The watch is a 3-hand dial, and has a mechanical movement (which doesn't stop the seconds hand when the crown is pulled). The hands (of the watch, not the Queen) are also coated in glow-in-the-dark paint so you can tell the time at night.

It is made by IDZine and their logo is engraved on the back (a large IDZ with the ine shown inside the bottom line of the Z).

I got this some time in the 2000s, but it seems you can still buy the watch online. The original price was £29.99, but you can find it heavily discounted if you look around.


  1. Heisann !

    I looking to buy this watch! I'm sure my British colleagues in Bergen will appreciate it at its right value hahaha !
    Could you tell me where to find it? I looked on Google, ebay... impossible to find...


    1. It seems to be available on sites such as grabitnow.com, redsave.com, and there is one currently on ebay.co.uk (although they aren't showing postage to Norway so you may need to ask them). Good luck with the searching :-)

  2. Any more recent ways to purchase this? I'm really interested!