Sunday, 9 December 2012

Seiko E029 Ana-Digi

Today is another of my retro watches, and another watch which is really for ladies.

The watch I've chosen is one of the old Seiko Ana-Digi watches, which seems to be from the early 80s (-1982 from the serial number, but it could be 1992).

It has a slightly hexagonal face with the majority taken by the analogue display which is a 3-hand dial. There is then a small 4 digit LCD panel at the bottom of the face. All of the functions are accessed from the crown, which shifts mode when turned. When pulled out, it has two positions, the first setting the digital display, and the second turning the dial.

The watch has dual time (as the analogue and digital parts are not connected) along with an alarm.

The full model number is E029-5100, and the strap part number is PA 06A.

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