Saturday, 8 December 2012

ODM Jelly and Bouncer LCD watches

Today me and my wife are wearing different versions of the same type of watch and heading to a Christmas party. This also means it'll be one of the few times I blog more than one watch in one day!

The watch is by the Hong Kong based company ODM (or o.d.m). The company name means original, dynamic, and minimal, and they produce series of interesting designs. Others in the odm series can be found by following the tags in the bottom right of the page.

The Jelly watch is a large plastic clear LCD watch, which has a full bracelet style band. The band is made of plastic segments with a stretchy rubber wore running through, which expands to get it over your hand. On the front of the watch, there is the display (that nearly rivals yesterday's giant watch), but this time, the digits are arranged vertically.

The display is a stylized el-backlight illuminated LCD, with the time only visible after you press the button. After the time is displayed, the letters odm are shown. The module is only simple with time, date, and seconds modes.

I think the one I have is actually a copy, as the back plate doesn't show the normal odm information which I've seen on sellers webpages.

My wife's version is not an odm, but is by Bouncer. It looks exactly the same as the odm version, but has a different backplate, and doesn't show any letters after the time. The Bouncer version also has a number 381G.

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