Wednesday, 12 December 2012

Nixon Rotolog Leather

I first became aware of the Nixon brand a while ago when they released a new design that I thought looked cool and interesting. That watch was the Rotolog! I finally got one after a while, and am blogging it today.

Time is displayed in a small window and is a rotating disc display. Hours are on the inside dial, with minutes on the outside (marks for each minute and numbers for every 5). The window is big enough that you see 2 or 3 hour numbers, and about 7 minutes (so a number is always visible). For night viewing, there is a small white LED operated by a button on the side. The watch head is square but split into three horizontal bands. The top and bottom bands are inlaid with black resin and slope away from the centre band. The middle band is gold and has the window for the time display and a large Nixon logo engraved on the left side.

It has a very solid and heavy look, but is actually pretty light to wear. This particular Rotolog has a leather strap rather than the solid strap with inlaid segments, and there is a gold Nixon clasp.

On the back of the watch is the model number, Nixon name, and logo. There is also text saying "direct time technology" (referring to the rotating dial style), and the number 5J.

I'm not exactly sure when it came out, but the earliest references I found are stating in 2009/10. The hard strap Rotolog is still available from the Nixon site, but the Rotolog Leather doesn't appear anymore.

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