Monday, 17 December 2012

P.C.P.O watch - Produce: Club King + Product: Orient

Today's watch is a little strange. It's read at an unusual angle, has two dials, and a strange statement written on the face.

It is called the P.C.P.O watch which stands for Produce: Club King + Product: Orient. From this I guess that is is made by Orient watches for Club King. On the back there is also a sticker which says "WADAC ORIENT". The only reference I can find to Club King (apart from various club nights) is that it is a creative hub for creators working in various media. There were several P.C.P.O watches (sometimes just given as PCPO) of different designs released.

Orient Watch Company is Japan's largest producer of mechanical watches (although this watch is quartz). It was founded in 1950, and has been a subsidiary of Seiko since 2001 (fully in 2009)

On the face it has a quote " IF YOU ARE HAVING A GOOD TIME, YOU MUST BE IN NEED OF THE LEFT". to the left of the statement is a dial with a rotating element which could either be two interlinked rings, a propeller, or an infinity symbol. I don't know what it really means, but the infinity symbol could be that you need an infinite amount of time to enjoy your good time?

To the right of the text is the time dial which is a two hand dial display. Based on where the hour and minute hands align, 12 o'clock seems to be on the right side (where the crown is), and so the time is read in the same direction as the text (which is not very intuitive).

The watch head is very long an thin, and has a strap that is the same width as the head. On the clasp, there is a bird symbol and the words B-BIRD WORKS.

The full model number is U8FA-Q0, and the watch is all stainless steel, and water resistant (but with no specified level). It was originally sold for 29,000 yen, and had a catalogue number of WB0011UB.
The instruction manual is in English, but the guarantee card is in Japanese. The box it came with has probably the most thorough set of warnings I've seen on a watch covering most of the sides. One side is labeled Caution, one is Warning, one covers Shocks, and the last is about Magnetism.

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