Monday, 10 December 2012

Citizen Independent 1481010 Offset Ana-Digi C480 red

After going through my blog for almost a year, there are still many more of the Citizen Independent 1481010 line I've not posted.

Today is one of those, and it's also a module type I've not covered too.
This type of 1481010 is actually the first that I got (but a blue one), and kicked off the collecting of the range.

The 1481010s were Citizen's answer to the Seiko AKAs and aimed at the same market of fashionable youths. They started in 1997 and this model was released shortly after in early 1998. They stopped selling this model in 2000. More can be found on the range in my over view page (link).

The watch is based around a C480 Ana-Digi module (as with one of the Trans Continents I've blogged before). The analogue display is a 3-hand dial, set with the watch's crown. Below the dial is the 6 digit LCD display which is operated by the 3 buttons. The watch has dual time, alarm, stopwatch, and timer.
Design-wise it has a one piece curved metal strap with coloured  resin trim which gives it a nice sci-fi feel. The display is offset to the left so the centre of the dial is aligned with left of the strap.
Full model number is C480-L17122, the catalogue number is IT21-4103Q, and it originally retailed for 15,000 yen.


  1. Hi Jollyaard,
    Do you know where i can buy a C480 (Blue)??

  2. I have a blue one. Im feom philippines :)

  3. I have a blue one for sale on eBay.

  4. I have a blue one for sale on eBay.