Saturday, 29 December 2012

EleeNo Cyber Dual Touch

I'm off to an event for NuMusic and NuArt to celebrate the end of the year, so like for the festival, I need a watch with lots of flashing lights.

The watch I chose is another by EleeNo. The EleeNo watch range is one of the groups under the SeaHope brand. More on the brand can be found in my SeaHope overview page.

With the EleeNo designs, there are several different ranges, and the hi-tech digital watches usually come under the EleeNo Cyber range.

The EleeNo Cyber Dual Touch is one of the newer and most advanced of their watches. There are no buttons apart from the inset adjust button on the side. It shows the time on 66 LEDs with 12 for hours on the top row. Minutes add up in columns from the bottom right until you reach 5, and then starts again from the bottom of that column with a 5 minute LED also showing. As the hour progresses, the columns fill from right to left.

It works by touch screen, which lights where your fingers touch. Each watch has two colours (this is orange and green), and you choose which will display by either running your finger from bottom to top, or top to bottom.

Before the time shows, there is first one of six animations:
A dog
A running man
A countdown and explosion
The word 'SeaHope'
and the words 'EleeNo Cyber'

The back of the watch has the SeaHope logo, the EleeNo Cyber logo, DT dual touch, and the battery type (CR2032).

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