Wednesday, 12 March 2014

Beams - Time can't stop you

Today's watch is a funny looking model, and definitely has a retro appeal.

The watch is by the Japanese clothing company Beams. The Beams brand was started in 1976 in Harajuku, Tokyo, and now has offices in the major fashion centres of the world. Their stores contain all manner of lifestyle products, and they often have a bright or cartoon-like feel.

The watch has the phrase "Time can't stop you", so I've decided thats what I will name it. The case is made from silicone and is shaped like an old Nintendo GameBoy (but with subtle differences on the design to not be a copy) with the Beams name on the front. The strap is a bendy wraparound rubber coated metal design which snaps around your wrist, and is printed with the Beams logo.

The watch part is a simple unit with a 4 digit LCD display. It can show time, date, and seconds, with the button hidden under the gameboy button design below the screen.

These only appeared in my searches recently, so I guess they have been released n the last year or so, and may have been a magazine promotional item.

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