Wednesday, 26 March 2014

Casio Poptone Calculator watch LDF-40

Today's watch is a modern colourful take on the classic geeky watch - the calculator watch!

This model of calculator watch is by Casio and part of their Poptone range. The Poptone watches are designed to be a fresh take on retro designs with a combination of futuristic and retro designs and bright eye-catching colour schemes.

This watch is the Casio Poptone LDF-40. It was marketed by Casio as colourful and cute, and a fresh take on the classic 8-bit calculator watches. It has the general setup of a calculator watch, with an 8 digit LCD display, which also has a second smaller line above. Below the LCD are the 16 calculator buttons which are a deep design going through a clear plastic sheet to the layer below where the text and design is printed. It uses a 437 module, and as well as the calculator, the watch has alarm, chronograph, and dual time modes.

This particular orange and grey stripy design has the full model number of LDF-40-7ADR. It was first released in October 2008 with a price of ¥6980. This model is still available on the Casio website, and the Casio US site has it for $30.

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