Monday, 3 March 2014

EleeNo Bingo

I'm glad I don't have any appointments today where I need the exact time as today's watch it not the easiest to read.

The watch is one of the EleeNo handless time designs, and as normal is slightly unusual. The EleeNo watches are from the Japanese company SeaHope, and were normally distributed in the west by Tokyoflash (or Intelligent Design). I have a bit more about SeaHope in my overview page.

This watch is called the Bingo, and so far I've not been able to find the ARTxxx model number. The display is made up of 16 circles laid out in a square grid pattern on a mirrored face. Behind the circles are two rotating discs which cover the hours and minutes. The hours are covered by the outer 12 circles, but as it's a square grid, the 12 o'clock is in the top right corner. Minutes only get the inner 4 circles, so it's much harder to be exact. On the hours disc, there is a shape which fills the current hour, but is shaped such that it will part fill the coming hour. For the minutes disc, there is a circle with an orange line through, so the circle fits the circular window on the quarter hour, with the line acting as a regular hand.

The EleeNo Bingo came out in 2006 and had an rrp of €79.

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