Sunday, 2 March 2014

Vega 9478 LCD Pendant

It's felt weird today not having anything on my wrist, and even weirder wearing something around my neck.

This watch is a a pendant watch, and so is designed to be worn around your neck. It comes with a gold coloured metal chain which is long enough that it sits in the middle of your chest. The pendant is more or less rectangular, but with curved cut off corners so it is really an octagon.

It was made by the Citizen brand Vega, and the back mentions the maker Adec (which is also a Citizen subsidiary). The Vega line was started by Citizen in around 1980 to market low priced digital watches, but was dropped in the mid/late 80s when Citizen moved to concentrate on the mid range watches instead.

Inside the pendant is a 9478 module which powers a 4 digit LCD display. The display is split over two lines with the top for hours (and a flashing star for seconds), and the bottom for minutes. There are two buttons on the bottom, one is hidden for the time setting, and the other changes the display. The display can cover time, date, and seconds, and when the date is showing, it also shows a line between the two numbers so you can see at a glance which mode is displayed.

The full model number is 9478-391349, and from the serial number, I think it may be from 1981 (although the serial number has one more digit than I was expecting).

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