Thursday, 13 March 2014

Super Lovers 60s Model

The Super Lovers watches seem to come in all shapes and sizes, but may well have been produced in only limited numbers. I've seen many different designs now, but it's very rare that I've seen the same design twice, and I've never seen one 3 times!

The Super Lovers watches come from the Harajuku Super Lovers brand which is based in Harajuku, Tokyo. They produce all manner of cutting edge unusual fashion designs popular with the Harajuku Girls who spend their Sundays on Harajuku Bridge showing off their style. The products seem to come from 3 lines, Super Lovers, Lovers House, and Lovers Rock.

This is a Super Lovers watch and is called the 60s Model. The watch comes with a square transparent case with a round face in the middle. The plastic strap is also a transparent design in a matching blue colour. On the front is the Super Lovers logo (a heart in a diamond shape like the superman logo), along with the brand and watch name.

Time is shown on the left side with 3 rotating discs visible through a bottle shaped window. The design is like the early jump-hour watches, but the discs here are continuously rotating.

Inside is a Japanese Miyota (Citizen) quartz movement which can be seen through the watch's transparent back.

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