Monday, 10 March 2014

Deep DT-040 Multicoloured Display

Yet again, I've managed to find a brand of watches that are a mystery and hard to research.

Today's mystery brand is called Deep, and the only thing I know about them is that their watches are made in China. During the research, I did find out that lots of websites use the word deep, and that a lot of things have the same model number as this. The Deep watches have a logo on the back which is the word DEEP in capital letters split over two lines of 2 characters in a square, but with the first E (top right) turned by 30° so it looks like it's in the process of being removed or falling off.

The watch is the DT-040 by Deep, and was quite a surprise when I put the battery in as I didn't expect it to be so high tech. The screen is a backlit multi coloured LCD screen with the ability to show yellow, red and green. The screen is made up of lots of tall thin pixels which are used to form animated blocky numbers and letters (normally up to 4 characters which fills the screen). You can tell it is a backlit LCD rather than LED as in certain light and from a certain angle you can see the time without it being illuminated. Pressing the mode button reveals the time with a shutter type animation, before that scrolls up the screen showing the date (day and month followed by year), finally returning back to the time.

The watch also has a good range of modes which are indicated by symbols at the top of the screen, with symbols at the bottom revealing whether the alarm or chime is on and whether it is in 24hr display. The modes are alarm (x3), chronograph, timer, and dual time. The modes also use the multicolour display, for example, the stopwatch shows green when running, but red when stopped. The front states it is water resistant, but there is no information as to how much.

I haven't found any hint of a date, but based on the style and technology, I'd guess it's from the 2000s.

Originally, I'd thought that this brand was one of the many that made simple and cheap mass market watches, but the technology level with the multicolour screen and number of modes makes me think that this brand has a little more behind the name than most.

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