Thursday, 20 March 2014

Nicola Valentino NVG-1215

It seems I'm on a roll with quite a few random watch makers/brands recently, so here's another one.

Today's watch is by Nicola Valentino. The watch suggests that this is a Milan based company (is the dial says Nicola Valentino Milano), but I think that it may really be one of the Japanese Italian watches. Over the years I've found a few supposed Italian watch designers (for example CoGu) which report to be Italian, but there is no sign of them outside the Far East. When I've searched for Nicola Valentino, I only find Japanese and Thai links which are either from users or shops (where the watches are pretty cheap). So far, I've not found any Italian link to the brand, so I think it is just made to sound Italian.

The watch itself has a model number of NVG-1215, and is a 3 hand dial design. There is also a date marker at the 3 o'clock position with a magnifying bulb of glass over it. It is a very shiny and noticeable watch being in gold and black with sparkling jewels on the face (one for every minute marker, and an additional one for each hour marker too). The back has the maker and model number, and the clasp also have the maker's V logo.

I'm not sure when the watch was out, but a lot of the other hits were from around 2010, so I'd guess this was similar.

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