Sunday, 16 March 2014

Pokemon Emonga LCD watch

I was with some small kids today so wore a kiddy watch.

The watch is one of my Pokemon watches, but a Japanese model. I can tell that this is not a European or American model due to the name on the face. This model is one for the Pokemon Emolga, but it is showing with the Japanese name Emonga. The face has the name and a picture of the Pokemon, while the strap has the Pokémon's face, lightning flashes, and Pokeballs.

Emolga /Emonga is an Electric Flying Pokemon which first appeared in Pokemon Black and White. Because of this typing, the Pokémon is an electric Pokemon which can't be damaged by Ground attacks.

The watch part is a basic LCD watch with a 4 digit LCD display. It has just time, date, and seconds displays.

The back states the watch was made in China by T-Arts (who have made all manner of Nintendo watches), and the front has the usual copyright marks (Nintendo, CR-GF-TX-SP-GK, and Pokemon). It looks like this was from a UFO catcher machine or a Gachapon dispenser. The back is transparent, so you can see the module and battery through, but the back has been glued in place, so the watch is meant to be disposable.

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