Tuesday, 12 March 2013

Alba Hot Gear Trail Bike W802

It's a bright multicoloured watch for today's selection, and one with a lot of information on the display.

It is from a range called Hot Gear, which was a set of watches by the Seiko sub-brand Alba. It is called Trail Bike, and is designed to feature various functions for the bike riders to use.

The W802 module powered LCD display has 4 sections. At the top is the time, with 6 digits on display (7 in chronograph mode), and at the bottom is the day and date. Across the middle are a couple more items, the most noticeable of those is the circular display on the left. This has 12 segments around the outside and fills up or empties with one block every 5 seconds. On the right there is a bar with 10 segments which fill and empty with one block per second. Above that is an indicator showing the current mode, and below is an unusual part with 5 numbered circles designated as 'route'. This is because the watch is a 'tachy data memo', so you can set in up to 5 routes, inputting the route (or lap) length, and the watch calculates an average speed when you use the chronograph to measure your time. Other modes are alarm and chronograph, and there is a recall function for stored data.

The case is purple, with pink, red, and yellow, and the strap is a woven (slightly elastic), multicoloured, velcro fastening strap.

The full model number is W802-6000, and the catalogue number was ADCQ007. It was originally on sale for 8,000 yen.

From the serial number it was released in 1993 or 2003, but I can't find the Hot Gear range in the 2003 catalogue, so I guess it's 90s.

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