Monday, 11 March 2013

Thumbs Up Backwards Watch

A quick post today - I don't know much about the watch I'm blogging!!

I've spent most of the day today in a meeting to challenge the normal, so decided to wear something that goes against the norm.

The watch looks normal at first glance, but then you notice something weird - it runs anticlockwise!

It is called the Backwards Watch by Thumbs Up. Thumbs Up are a company specialising in selling various gadgets and cool toys, but I don't know if they are a manufacturer, or just a distributor.
This watch appears unbranded, and has a three hand dial. It has a quartz movement, but I haven't taken it apart to see if it is a special module, or a normal module with a cog to reverse the hands. The strap is fabric with a leathery fabric back.

It can be found in various gadget shops and for sale online still (for about £12).

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