Sunday, 24 March 2013

Inazuma Eleven - Tobitaka/Hawkins version

Today is the 3rd of my watches from one of the anime series I watch.

The watch is from Inazuma 11, which is a series (anime, manga, and games for Wii and DS). It follows the exploits of a football team called the Inazuma Eleven and it's enigmatic captain Mamoru Endō / Mark Evans. The series ran from 2008 to 2011 and had 127 episodes, and has 3 Nintendo DS and one Nintendo Wii game.

A series of watches were released (towards the end of the running period), each featuring a character from the team on a wide strap. The watch part has a simple LCD module along a narrow band. The module just has time, date, and seconds, and the buttons are on the back.

The watch was made in China, and produced by Sega. It appears to have been made to be a prize in a Sega machine. Copyright is by Level-5.

[Spoiler Alert]
To tell about the featured character reveals something about the story from the later series, so I've made this spoiler warning.

The character is called Seiya Tobitaka or Archer Hawkins (depending on whether you watch the Japanese or translated version). He is a defender in the team who joins to be part of the Inazuma Japan team which was formed to compete in the Football Frontier International. He was originally a gang member who was invited to join the team by coach Hibiki. His technique is called Shinkuuma (hollow demon), which he uses to slow down or stop shots.
[Spoiler End]

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