Thursday, 14 March 2013

Timex Animated Multifunction Watch

Back to the LCD again, and a watch with a ridiculous amount of features.

It is made by Timex, and has a dot matrix LCD display. The display is 15 pixels high and 24 or 26 wide with a curved pattern. There is no model number or name on the watch, so I don't know exactly what I should name it.

The first special thing you notice is after pressing the button to see the time, once the time has shows it then has either a fortune cookie option (where it has a scrolling message with a proverb like saying - such as "Every person is the architect of their own future"), or there is a small cartoon featuring Bob 'n' Bill (a man and his dog).

Pressing the mode button reveals the normal modes, each designated by its own little animation. These modes are stopwatch, alarm, and timer. Pressing the escape key on the front takes you back from this menu to the time. There is also an option to just show seconds (as it's only normally a 4 digit display), or date (where it flashes between day of the week and the date).

Pressing the top right button takes you to the data bank menu where you can input memos, names, and numbers. If you then press the mode button, a load more options are available. These ones are Love Me Not?, Face Ball, Angel or Devil, Your Fortune, and the sound on/off option. Love Me Not? is a slot machine of hearts, 0s and Xs, which spin and see if love is the outcome. Face Ball is a Breakout or Arkanoid game where you move your bat up and down the side of the screen, bouncing a ball which knocks the block out of a face. Angel or Devil shows an angel and devils face, and then shows a picture of who today's angel and who today's devil is. Your Fortune shows a crystal ball, and then gives you a score (in %) on your love rating and financial rating.

The settings mode is activated by holding the select key, and has interesting additional options - you can add your name, birthday, and choose a face to represent you (various people, animals, or a ghost). This face then appears as the target in the Face Ball mode.

The watch has an unusual shape, and is thinner at the top, and a clear blue plastic strap. It was made in China, and takes a CR2032 battery. The date setting mode goes from 2000 to 2019, so this was released in the 2000s.

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