Tuesday, 26 March 2013

Freestyle Shark Alarm Chronograph

Today I decided to wear my 2nd Freestyle Shark watch, and go back to the retro LCD watches.

I think this one is also from the 90s, but is a ladies /unisex /kids? watch (based on the smaller size).
It is by FreeStyle USA, who have been making watches for around 30 years, and part of their Shark range. The Shark watches are meant to be the "raddest watches in the universe", and are aimed at surfers.

The front of the watch says this is an Alarm Chronograph, and on the back, they are 'performance timing machines'.

It is an LCD watch with a 5.5 digit display (it can't do a 24hr display). The mode button switches between time and chronograph modes, and the alarm is accessed by the lap reset button.

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