Saturday, 9 March 2013

Zeon Thunderbirds - Thunderbird 2 (carded)

Today is another Thunderbirds watch, but a European rather than a Japanese one.

This watch is by Zeon and is modelled on the Thunderbird 2 aircraft from the TV series Thunderbirds. The show is set in the 2060s, and follows the adventures of the secret organisation International Rescue. Thunderbird 2 is a supersonic carrier aircraft which carries heavy equipment for the International Rescue organisation's missions in the various episodes.

Zeon are part of the Herald group, and is the UK's largest watch distributor. They are also the largest distributor of character timepieces in Europe, and have released the Western versions of many of the Japanese game watches.

This watch was released in 1992 (about the time Fox Kids reran episodes of the original series) by Zeon Quartz with copyright to ITC Entertainment Group Ltd (who originally commissioned the show in the 1960s). It has a basic LCD module inside the shaped case, which is revealed when the front is opened. The module is basic, and has only time, date, and seconds.

This one still has a price label showing it was originally bought for £4.99.

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