Saturday, 2 March 2013

Euston FM Radio Calculator Watch

Today's watch I've been trying to get to work for a while. It keeps flickering into life, but there seems to be a loose connection somewhere inside.

The watch is a China made watch either called, or made by Euston.

It is a watch that has a few features that have nothing to do with timekeeping. Firstly, there is a calculator where the number buttons placed in a circle around the LCD display, and the four functions are placed closer to the display. The display can show up to 7 digits which limits the size of the calculation.

The second feature is an FM radio. There is a headphone socket on the left of the watch, and the radio can be tuned by turning the toothed wheel which is around the front of the case (which turns a small red cog that is the part which interacts with the electronics).

The watch part has time, alarm, and world time, and shows on the LCD display. The world time is selected by the calculator buttons, with each number linked to a different city.

Apart from that, I haven't found many details. The back states the fabrication location, and shows the battery requirements (2xLR44 for the radio and 1xLR41 for the watch).

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