Thursday, 7 March 2013

Seiko Alba Y735 Panelight

More retro LCD again today, with an 80s model this time.

The watch is by the Seiko sub-brand Alba which is the far east version of the Lorus brand.

It is part of a range dubbed Panelight which covered a set of watches named after Alba's el-backlighting system. These watches started in the 1980s, and this model was from 1989.

Apart from the Panelight, the watch is an alarm chronograph watch, with one alarm (viewed by pressing the set button), and the stopwatch which is activated with the mode button. The watch has a large digit LCD display with 6 digits, and there is a day marker along the top. To see the date, you need to press the select button.

The full model number is Y735-4A40, and it has a Seiko FOM7JB-L strap.

It's actually quite a chunky thick watch for an old LCD, probably due to the need for a CR2016 battery.

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