Monday, 4 March 2013

EleeNo EG3 Black and Green

It's been a little while since I wore one of my more cryptic time machines, so today it's another EleeNo.

The EleeNo brand is one of the sub brands of the SeaHope watch group. They are known for their range of 'handless time' watches, and have usually been seen outside of Japan under the Tokyoflash umbrella. I have an overview page for SeaHope watches, and there I give more information about the total set of watches.

This watch is the EG3 by EleeNo, which came out in 2007. It is one of a series of watches based around 9 LCD display windows in a 3x3 pattern (sometimes with an extra 4th row). The arrangement is simple with the top row showing hours, the middle row 10 minutes, and the bottom row individual minutes. To get the right number of digits, the hour windows cover 4 hours each (filling the top row of all of the windows first), the minutes in groups of threes per window, and there are two 10 minute blocks per window. As there is a spare block in terms 10 minutes, this is filled with the letters EG which flash every second.

The row below the time windows is filled with 3 buttons. The left starts time setting, and the middle activates the backlight (although I have a problem with a few of these watches that causes the light to reset the time, even with a new battery). Pressing the right button doesn't seem to do anything.

When it came out, it was sold for 9,800 yen.

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