Tuesday, 15 September 2015

Alive Athletics Dynasty

It seems that my collection is a home for many different Japanese fashion brands of watches, most of whom are not found very much outside of the Far East.

Today, I'm blogging a Japanese brand I've not covered before called Alive Athletics.

The Alive Athletics brand was started in Asakusa, Tokyo in 2002, but have been headquartered in Kamakura since 2009. They were founded to create irreplaceable timepieces in a saturated market, and strive to build distinctive high quality timepieces which match their customers exceptional tastes (according to their website). The brand produces more than just watches, and have made many collaborations with brands and artists from Japan, Korea, and the USA.

This model seems to be called Dynasty and is a quartz analogue watch with chronograph. The watch has a round 3 hand dial with 3 smaller dials on the face. The smaller dials cover the usual 24hr dial, and the chronograph seconds (bottom) and minutes (left). The face is done in black and white pattern with a stylized font for the numbers, and the bottom small dial has a logo which looks like a silhouette of a small tree. Around the dial is a bezel of silver/clear jewels giving the watch a sparkly look.

The strap is stainless steel, and has the double A logo for Alive Athletics on the first link on each side, as well as the tree logo on the clip. The tree logo is also found on the back where it shows the model name and also includes a quote "Your Time's Up. Don't Sweat The Technique".

For the date, the brand has been considerate and included it on the back, so I know this is from 2005.

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