Wednesday, 23 September 2015

Sniper GV451

I've mentioned before that there seems to be a connection between many of the late 90s Japanese fashion watch brands. So far, I've mentioned a link between Deadman, Eccentric Classic, and Deep, but this is another one.

This watch is by a brand called Sniper. It is an unusual shaped ana-digi watch where the display has been rotated by 45 degrees and so have the buttons/crown. It has a 3 hand analogue dial at the top of the face, with a 4+2 digit LCD display below (with 4 large and 2 small digits). The watch modes are displayed on the LCD display, showing the day/date, dual time, stopwatch, or alarm options, selected by the bottom left button. From the feel of the material, I think the case is base metal, and is quoted as being 3atm water resistant. The case shape is elongated towards the top right, and sort-of reminds me of the Millennium Falcon from Star Wars.

As this is an unusual design, it is easier to see when the same is used by other brands. I have seen this watch also made by J Axis, and there is also a Deadman version (which unfortunately I don't have yet - but would like if any of my readers is looking to sell one). The model number is GV451 which also follows the Deadman numbering system, hinting at them being linked in some way.

I would guess that this will be from the same time frame as the Deadman watches, based on the common design, so that would make it late 90s.

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