Tuesday, 29 September 2015

L'uomo Musk Gold Quartz Watch

Today's watch is a confusing one...

The watch is by a brand called L'uomo Musk which basically translates to Man Musk. I've blogged watches by a brand called Musk before which were quite robust and quality feeling with a high rrp, while this L'uomo Musk watch is lighter and cheaper feeling, so initially I thought there would be no link. But, there is a logo on the watch which is the male and female symbols intertwined, but with the arrow for the male symbol pointing straight up, which is the same as on the Musk watches. So, it appears they are linked, or one is a copy of the other...

The L'uomo Musk brand seems active in Japan (and possibly Thailand) and produce watches, handbags, handkerchiefs, and lighters. There is one link which suggests the brand is owned by a company called Okazaki which was established in 1967. That company has the same products, and uses an overseas partner for manufacturing, which fits with this product.

The watch itself is a standard 3 hand dial design with a quartz movement. It has a gold coloured case with large areas above and below the dial where the logo is moulded into the case. The dial has no numbers, just hour markers, and has the L'uomo Musk name printed across it. The strap is black leather, but appears to be a replacement. There is no more information on the watch as the back is completely blank (which is different to the Musk watches).

I don't know when the watch is from, but the L'uomo Musk items only seem to have appeared online recently, so I'll guess this is a 2010s model (but could be 2000s).

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