Monday, 28 September 2015

Deadman GV8292

I seem to have been blogging the Japanese fashion watches a lot recently, and I'm going for another one today.

Today's choice is one of my Deadman (or Dead Man) watches (the 15th on the blog), which is one of my favourite mystery brands. As mentioned in previous posts, they were around in the late 90s, and produced many different designs of watch (over 30 at my last count), but lot much more is published about them.

This model is the GV8292 and is one of their disc models. It has a left sided rotating disc design (meaning the discs are arranged on the left side of the spindle with the hours on the outer dial), which is like the old jump hour watch designs. The watch case is the what tends to change between the models, and this design has a metal case (in black) getting wider towards the middle, except for a narrow band across the middle where the time is. The band is in gold and has the Deadman Quartz text next to the time display. The strap is metal, and in a matching black coating. The back has the usual Deadman info (model number, stainless steel back, name), but also has an 'Assembled in China' sticker.

I have no firm idea on the date, other than knowing that the brand was active in the late 90s, and that they were a low cost manufacturer.

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  1. It's different that's for sure. Kind of has a 90s feel to it.