Tuesday, 22 September 2015

Boy London BOY-87-W

I've blogged many of the Boy London watches on this blog (-this is the 18th), but this one has a different style than the sets I've featured before.

This model is the BOY-87-W and it is a quartz analogue watch with a 3 hand dial design and is powered by a Japanese movement. There is also a small date window at the 3 o'clock position. It has a thicker metal case than normal, and has a rotating metal bezel around the dial. There are none of the Boy London logos on the front, but there are oval panels above and below the dial with the Boy London name (similar in style to a strap design from one of the other styles). The face is black with large white dots for the hours (with small minutes numbers just above each dot), and the Boy London name is printed on the dial.

The strap is different from the other metal watches from this brand. It has a double expanding clasp design, with a tiny Boy London logo on the clip, and the colours of the metal match exactly with the case.

The back of the watch is one of the standard designs with the Boy Eagle totem logo and the model name. Around the outside of the back plate, it has the quote "This is an original Boy London product. Any product not bearing this mark is not genuine" which I'm sure would have been copied as well if this wasn't genuine...

Most of the metal Boy London watches seem to have come from the 90s, but with this being a different design, it feels like it is newer, so I'm guessing 2000s.

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