Thursday, 10 September 2015

Eccentric Classic LCD

Today, I'm back to championing the little known fashion watches again.

This is the third watch I've blogged by a brand called Eccentric Classic by medistore (or Medi Store depending on how you write it). I've not been able to find out more than I blogged last time, with medistore being a company which appears to normally specialise in body piercing accessories (but more can be found in my last post).

This model is a very different style than the previous two, having an LCD rather than dial design. The watch is rectangular, with gold coloured bars at the top and bottom of a black central square. Down the middle of the black square is a large 4 digit inverse LCD, split into two lines of two digits. There is a button to change the display on the right side, but there are only date and seconds displays.

The watch has the branding throughout, with the Eccentric name on the bottom of the face, and the buckle, and the full Eccentric Classic name is on the back plate, and the  back of the leather strap. There is no model number, or other identifying mark, with the only other information being it is all stainless steel and water resistant.

I don't know when the watch is from, but it is likely to be from between the 2000s and today.

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