Friday, 25 September 2015

Planet Design SA101 Drivers LED

Today, I'm back wearing one of my Japanese fashion watch collection, with this model from Planet Design. This is the 8th Planet Design watch to feature here, and it is a completely different style to any of the ones which have come before. The Planet Design watches are produced by a company called Emit Co Ltd from Japan who are producing a modern take on retro styles (and more can be found about them on my other Planet Design posts).

This model is the SA101 and is a very luxurious looking take on the drivers LED style of watch. It is actually a 4 digit LED illuminated LCD display, which is powered by a Japanese quartz module, and has time and date displays. The display is tilted so when you have your wrist on its side, you can see the display, but as you need to press a button for the time to appear, you still need to remove one hand from the wheel.

The luxurious feel comes from how the strap is arranged and the finish on the case. It is a thick smooth matt leather design, but the top half of the strap comes over the top of the watch to near the display. The case is in brushed steel on the front, with shiny sides and a shiny surround to the display behind the curved glass. The Planet Design name is pressed into the strap below the face, and the name and logo is on the back plate.

Most of the other Planet Design watches can be found for sale online, but for this model, I haven't found a single hit on any of my searches. As the other watches seem to be pretty modern (like 2010s), I'd assume the same for this one, but maybe it's a little older then the rest.

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