Thursday, 24 September 2015

Nixon - The Fidelity

I took a risk when buying today's watch. I got it second hand and it wasn't working, and the seller said it had been through the washing machine with their clothes, so doubted that it was fixable. A new battery later (a not so common CR1632) and the watch is fine, which is more surprising as I've been researching the watch, and there are quite a few reviews complaining that it isn't as waterproof as the manual states (100m)!

The Nixon Fidelity is an LCD watch, which is a smaller version of the Nixon Block watch. It has a square plastic case with edges which slope away from the glass. The inverse LCD has 3 lines, with the middle line for the time taking up half of the height of the display. The top line covers day and date, and is designed to show letters, and also displays the name of the mode when you are changing modes, while the bottom line just covers the seconds. The mode options (selected by the bottom left button) are chronograph, timer, and alarm, and there is a dual time option displayed using a different button (top right - press to display, and hold to switch). There is also an el-backlight which is shown with the top left button, and this is also the button to hold to enter time setting mode.

The watch comes with a wide fabric strap which is not too long, so beware if you have thick wrists. The back of the watch has the Nixon name/logo, the model name, and the Nixon theme of having a phrase as well, this time saying "Tried and true".

The model number for the watch seem to be A565 and I've seen a web review from 2009, so I'd guess this is around when it was released.

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