Wednesday, 16 September 2015

United Colors of Benetton Backwards Numbers

When I first saw today's watch, it took a little while to work it out. It has an unusual design with all of the numbers in reverse. My first thought was this was an anticlockwise watch, but then I looked again and saw the progression of the numbers was clockwise. So this model has just the digits of the numbers in a mirror image of what they would normally be.

The watch is by United Colors of Benetton (but not one of the Bulova watches), who have featured many times on the blog now (and you can find a lot of brand info in my other posts). So far, my experience is that the United Colors of Benetton range includes many more quirky and unusual designs than the Benetton by Bulova models (which mainly have different colours and pictures).

This model, apart from the backwards numbers, follows a common Benetton theme for the face, having a world map across its width (this time in shiny red against a matt red background). It has a base metal case which looks to have been anodised in a matching red, and the watch also has a red leather strap with anodised red buckle.

The watch back is in stainless steel, and has the United Colors of Benetton name, and technical information on the materials, water resistance (10atm), and numbers which I can't tell if they are the serial number or model number.

I don't know when this is from, but my feeling is that these United Colors branded models are newer than the Bulova watches, suggesting it is likely from the 2000s.

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