Friday, 18 September 2015

Citizen Vagary CE90

Today, I'm in a bit meeting, so wanted a watch which looked pretty smart, but was still a little quirky.

The watch I picked is one of the watches from the Citizen Vagary line. The Vagary line is owned by Citizen Italy, rather than being a Japanese model. The watches do seem to be sold at retailers in Italy, but the majority of the watches I've seen are sold in Japan as overseas models.

This watch is a quartz analogue watch which has an unusual design with a subtle twist on the display.

There are many analogue watches on this blog where there is a chronograph feature, and the watches have 3 small dials on the face for hours, minutes, and seconds. This design has the 3 small circles on the face, but this time they are LCD panels and not dials. Each LCD display has 2 digits in silver on a white background, and can be used in various display modes. The LCD can cover time, date, and alarm, as well as the expected chronograph function.

The button arrangement is a little different too, with the top left button covering the mode selection (rather than the bottom left). To set the digital display, you hold the bottom left button until the seconds flash, and the same button chooses which numbers to change (with the bottom right button), while there is a crown for setting the analogue display.

The face of the watch is quite colourful, but in small splashes. The hour and minute LCD displays are surrounded by a red ring, while the ring around the seconds is yellow. Only the 4, 8, and 12 numbers are on the dial and are surrounded in blue, and the seconds hand is green.

The CE90 Vagary models seem to be pretty uncommon, as I only found 2 references, both of which were Japanese auctions.

The full model number is CE90-S043573, but unfortunately, there is no serial number to give me an idea of the date. As there is no information, the general state and design would suggest to me it comes from the late 00s. The only other information on the watch is that it is all stainless steel, has a Japanese movement, and is water resistant.

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