Tuesday, 11 September 2012

Casio Cyber Max Shock Sensor JG-300

Today's watch has been a bit of a mystery about what it does, so I may try to update this post as I find more information.

The watch is by Casio, and is one of a range they released in the late 90s called Cyber. The Cyber watches were quite unusual game watches and this one, the Cyber Max Shock Sensor, follows that trend.

It uses a 1456 module and has both a normal LCD display at the bottom, with a 5x10 dot matrix, and two 5 high bars across the middle. The watch has time and alarm modes, as well as two more unusual options; power and game.

There are 3 power options when you press the mode button, shown as P-1, P-2, and P-3 on the dot matrix panel. When one of these is selected, and the shock sensor button is pressed, a countdown starts (numbers and beeps). At the end of the countdown, if you punch something, the watch shows a graph of the shock on the dot matrix, and gives you a power (up to 9999?) and speed (up to 99 as it uses the seconds digits). The 3 different options are just there to give you 3 slots to save data in.

The game mode, I've not yet been able to decipher. It has 3 rounds where I think you have to punch harder than the computer (maybe multiple times), and you can deplete the bars at either side. After 3 rounds, it displays a score and your rank, which I guess gets better if you win.

The original sale price was 9,800 yen.

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