Tuesday, 4 September 2012

Fossil Appliances Radio limited edition

It's two limited editions in two days with today's choice of watch.
Today's watch is by Fossil, and has a limited edition of 20,000 (so not quite so exclusive). It was one of two Fossil Appliances watches which was released in August 1994. The Fossil Appliances name is from the theme of the picture on the front of the watch. The picture shows a 1920s/30s style advert with a cartoon man reaching to the dial of an old radio, which in this case is the watch face.
Because of this design, the 3-hand dial is very small, but just functional enough.
The strap design is also unusual, with it being made of interwoven leather strips, but with no buckle holes. The buckle pin just goes between the weave!
The style number is LE-9449.

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