Friday, 14 September 2012

Deadman Red Jump Hour GV4008

Today's watch is back to the 60s/70s in style, but made after the late 90s.

The watch is by Deadman who released watches in the hayday of fashion watches - the end of the 20th century! Not much can be found about the brand, and their watches aren't common, although in the Japanese watch magazines they are quite popular.

It is a jump hour watch with a quartz movement (so it actually has rotating discs rather than truly jumping for the hour), and has 3 dials. It's also another watch which is wider than it is tall, just like yesterday's! The case is imprinted with the Deadman logo, and it comes with a dark red patent leather strap. The back only has the brand name, model number, and a statement that the back us stainless steel.

The model number is GV4008.

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