Saturday, 15 September 2012

Citizen Independent 1481010 C351 Ana-Digi black

I've already posted many from the Citizen Independent 1481010 collection that Citizen released in the late 90s. But, I still have a few more styles to blog :-). You can find out more about the 1481010 range in my overview page (link).

The range had quite a few ana-digi watches, and this one is based on the C351 module. The other difference with this version is that it has a very rounded case. It has two LCD displays, and an electronic dial display. The top LCD has the time (6 digits over two lines), along with the mode marker. The LCD digits are designed to be wider at the bottom so that they look like they head off into the distance. The other LCD has 10 blocks which fill and empty with the seconds.
The watch has dual alarms, chronograph, and timer, and an el-backlight.
The model was released in 1998 near the start of the 1481010 era, and was sold until 2000. It came in two basic colours which affected the centre of the dial and the plastic trim between the case and strap.
The full model number is C351-L17131, and the catalogue number is IT21-4082S. It was one of the most expensive 1481010 watches with an original sale price of 22,000 yen.

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