Wednesday, 19 September 2012

Vestal Air Mail Hand Grenade Watch SLA004

Today's watch is definitely a watch you shouldn't wear when going to an airport. As it's shaped like a hand grenade, I'm sure it'd at least raise eyebrows!

The Vestal brand was established in 1997, and is marketed by friends, musicians, artists, and athletes who are immersed in music culture. It also produces musically inspired eye wear, soft goods, and accessories.

This watch is called Air Mail and also Grenade (standard issue), and was released in 2007. The case is shaped like a hand grenade, and when the button on the grenades lever (right side) is pressed, the front pops open to reveal the time. The time is shown on a 3 hand dial with the Vestal logo, watch name, and level of water resistance written on the face. The back also has the logo and name (including a little picture of a grenade).

It has a Japanese movement, and steel case, and has a model number of SLA004.

The case the watch comes in is a large metal covered box, and comes with a heavy bottomed watch stand. Inside the box, there is also a guitar plectrum, which is printed with "Vestal says thank you" :-)

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