Sunday, 9 September 2012

Citizen Ana-digi temp 8988 module in black

As the ana-digi temp watches have been going since the early 80s and are still around today, there is a large range in ages of the different models.

This model is one which I think is from the late 80s (-the serial number could be 89 or 99, but this isn't in the 99 catalogues).

This version is the first I've blogged with an 8988 module, which from the outside appears identical to the 8989 and 8987 modules I've shown before. It has dual time, alarm, stopwatch, and of course, temperature sensor. For information on what functions show on what displays, see my Ana-digi temp summary page here.

The watch design has a different shape than a lot of the newer models, with a more rounded case, and slight rounding of the dials. It also has no name plaque next to the sensor unlike many of the models.
The full model number is 8988-Q01750.

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