Saturday, 8 September 2012

Citizen Independent 1481010 fleur de lys D500 Curvy Shutter

The module in today's watch is familiar, however the watch design isn't.

This is one of the Citizen Independent 1481010 collection, which was first released 1997 as a collection for the young and fashionable.

This particular design came out in late 98 or early 99 and is one of two watch shapes in the fleur de lys 1481010 models. Of the two shapes, this appears to be the womens version with a curved body, and thinner, more bracelet-like strap. The model was still available in 2001, but had disappeared by 2003.

The watch uses a D500 module, which was used in many Citizen designs around that time. The module has time, alarm, chronograph, and timer functions, shown in 3 lines of 2 digits on it's inverse LCD display.

I call the watch "shutter" as normally you see only the seconds, and when the time button is pressed, the display "opens" like a shutter (with a beep unless the light is on).

It has a model number of D500-S69375, and a catalogue number of IT21-4402K. It's original sale price was 18,000yen.

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