Thursday, 13 September 2012

Seiko Wired XYZ W770 short wide watch

Today's Seiko seems to have been set up the wrong way round - the watch is twice as wide as it is tall, and the buttons are all along the bottom. But, as the digits showing the time are wider than they are tall, maybe it isn't too strange after all!

The watch has two displays, an inverse dot matrix LCD with 5x5 dots per digit, and a wave pattern display which counts up to 10 seconds in 1/4 second increments. When the time is after 12, the display also says 'afternoon' rather than the usual pm marker.

It uses a W770 module, and has multi-alarms. The right button shows the date, the left button changes the mode, and the middle button, when on alarm mode, switches between hourly chime (with the quote 'time signal' on the LCD) and alarm on/off (with 2 exclamation marks). There is also a button on the front to activate the el-backlight.

This watch was made in 2004 as part of the Wired range of watches (which Seiko started in 2000). The XYZ line is one part of the Wired range.

The full model number is W770-0AA0. The Japanese manual can be found here.

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