Thursday, 20 September 2012

LTJ Bukem Good Looking Records Citizen Independent 1481010 D400 LED

This watch is another of the collaborations between Citizen and LTJ Bukem / Good Looking Records, released as part of the Citizen Independent 1481010 collection.

The 1481010 range was released in the late 90s and was marketed at the young and fashionable. It released quite a few special editions with DJs, musicians, and clothing brands. At least 3 different designs were issued with LTJ Bukem, and this is the D400 G.S.D LED model. More information about the 1481010 range can be found in my overview page (link).

Good Looking Records was founded in the early 90s by Drum & Bass pioneer LTJ Bukem (otherwise known as Danny Williamson). The watch collection with LTJ Bukem had a distinctive black metallic sheen and gold writing, and had the LTJ Bukem and Good Looking Records name on the back.

The collection were released in 1998, and this one has the model number D400-S68784.

Apart from the unique colour, the watch is a standard G.S.D (Graphic Sparkle Display) LED watch. When lit, the LEDs seem to flicker (or sparkle) giving it the name. After the time is shown, the LEDs flash in a pattern depending on the hour. If no pattern flashes, just dots, it means the CR2032 battery needs changing.


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  2. hi,

    i just won this model over an auction. any idea how to set the time?