Monday, 3 September 2012

Seiko Wired 2nd Anniversary Limited Edition W710

In the year 2000, Seiko started a new range of watches under the name Wired. The watches were high-end high design pieces, often with designs linked to travelling.

In 2002, to mark the 2nd anniversary of the Wired range, they released this watch, with probably the most complex LCD display I have ever seen. To be able to make the curvy numbers, each number us made up of a large number of segments (e.g. a number 9 in the hours has 28 segments). To match all of the segments, the numbers also shift from side to side. I've tried to get a picture that shows all of the segments, and you can see that below.

Another unusual feature is that the time is set using a crown. Pulling the crown out puts it in setting mode, where a fast turn makes the time progress fast, and small clicks progress individual minutes.

All of this is powered by a W710 module, with a full model number of W710-0AA0. As it was out in 2002, the limited edition had only 2002 watches released. The strap also has a part number of F1W5-B.Q.

An updated version of this display was used a year later in the Basel 2003 Limited Edition (which can be found here)

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