Monday, 10 September 2012

Skagen Dual Time 281LSLB

Today's watch is a special one - it is the watch I got married in, and as today is the anniversary of my wedding day, it was time to blog about it.

The Skagen brand hails from Denmark, and was created in 1987 by Henrik and Charlotte Jorst. It is named after a small fishing village at the Northern tip of Denmark.

The watch, a model 281LSLB, has two quartz movements powering two independent dials. One dial is 2-handed, while the other is a 3-hand dial (with individual seconds markers in a ring). Inbetween the two dials is the Skagen logo and name. It has a black leather strap matched to the body shape, and each half is connected to the body by small screws.

I couldn't find this watch on the Skagen site, but it is still available on various web shops.

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  1. Those are priceless Skagen watches indeed! Well, with Skagen watches, everyday is just special! Thank you for sharing your well-written post!