Friday, 15 February 2013

Casio Twincept ABX-23 World Time Data Bank

Another travelling watch today, and one which has had it's sibling blogged before.

It is one of the Twincept watches by Casio, and like it's relatives has a combination of analogue and digital, but with the digital display showing over the front of the analogue, rather than in a separate window (like most Ana-Digi watches). This design is the Twincept display.

The dial is a normal 3-hand dial, operated with the crown. The LCD display sits over the dial, and by default shows time (5-6 digits) , date, and day, as well as a dotted map of the world with the current time zone flashing. The 'forward' button also changes the LCD display and allows it to be switched off, or just show the day and date.

The other modes from the 2358 module are data bank (30 page), world time (27 cities), alarm, and stopwatch. There is also a backlight which illuminates the whole dial (as a series of very small dots).

The model number is ABX-23, and seems to be the ABX-23UD-8E.

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  1. how much does it costs to replace the total casing of this watch....? could u pls furnish info here