Thursday, 7 February 2013

Reena Matrix

I'm going to be moving about a bit over the next couple of days, so my posts may be a little sporadic!
Today, it's the turn of an American watch called the Reena Matrix

It was designed in the USA, but made in China, and the back states it is covered under US patent D337531.

The Reena brand is a little elusive, as I can find sites selling Reena watches, but no info on the company itself.

The Matrix watch has a green inverse LCD display with blocks set into two columns. The left column is the hours and shows one block where the hour is. The right column is the minutes, and fills up from the bottom in blocks of 5. The bottom right block is split into 4 segments, and covers the individual minutes for each block of 5. Pressing the mode button switches the display to date showing month (left) and date (right).

The design is very minimal with a long thin case, and thin black leather strap.

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