Saturday, 2 February 2013

Power Watchz Micro Racer

Now, in the world of watches, you can get all sorts of different non-time telling features. Today's is one of the more silly of those!

Today's blog watch is called the Power Watchz Micro Racer. It has a normal basic 4 digit LCD, and a buttons to switch between the time, date, and seconds display, and to set the time.

There are also two other buttons on the right corners with arrows showing on them, but these are for the extra attachment on the strap - a remote control car! Once the car has been taken off the strap, and the power buttons on car and watch have been turned on, you have a fully working remote control car. The buttons on the watch move the car forwards or backwards while turning (and it goes at quite a speed). At the bottom of the watch, there is a select button which sets one of 4 channels, so you can race with up to 4 friends at the same time. One site I found stated that this was the World's Smallest Watch Controlled Car!

The watch is made in China, but I can't find any more details about it's manufacturer.


  1. 2003 SUPER GRAND ENTERPRISE LTD. Just found one still in package (blue) going through kids old toys.