Wednesday, 6 February 2013

Citizen Independent 1481010 Dual Display D295

Another 1481010 day today, and a design I haven't featured before! I'm a big fan of the 1481010s, which were released in 1997 as a line of fashion watches aimed at young adults. The range featured many different designs, and if you include all special editions, and all colour variations, there were over 250 variants released before the range stopped in 2003.

This one is from the start of the 1481010 range, and was made in 1997. It has an LCD display, split into 3 sections by the face design, with a round case. I've seen this one referred to as the UFO because of the round shape which tapers from the middle to the top and bottom. The two main displays (and mode indicator in the middle) are all on one square LCD panel, and usually cover time on the top, and date + day on the bottom. It has dual alarms, and dual time, along with the stopwatch and timer modes that are common amongst the 1481010s. When in the other modes, the modes display takes over the top window and the time
is shown in the bottom window.

The module used for this model is a D295, and the full model number is D295-L16819. The model was out in 1997, but doesn't appear to have been in any of the Citizen catalogues of the time!

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