Saturday, 9 February 2013

Kitty Goods Collection - Hello Kitty 35 Years watch

The Hello Kitty brand is quite a phenomenon. Created by Sanrio in the mid 70s, their cat has featured on many completely different products (my wife has a Hello Kitty emergency alarm!), and has gone through many different styles.

There is even a special official magazine devoted to all things Hello Kitty, called Kitty Goods Collection, and today's watch is from that magazine.

In 2009, for the Memorial Vol. 3 edition, they issued a free watch to commemorate 35 years of the cute feline.

The watch features Hello Kitty sitting down and holding a red flower. The front of the watch opens to reveal a small LCD display and two buttons (along with a picture of two flowers and a butterfly). As with most kids watches, it is very basic with only time, date, and seconds.

The magazine, with watch, was on sale for 2000 yen

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